Onboarding Guide

AiCam turns your old iPhone into a security camera. It detects human, animal, vehicle and sends you notifications. You can watch recorded videos or view live camera feed from other devices. All data are stored locally on your device or optionally on your private iCloud account.


1. Use an old, unused phone as your camera. Fixate it facing where you want to monitor, like your living room, front door, backyard. Connect the phone to a charger for long use.

Photo by Michael Descharles on Unsplash

2. Go to app Home screen, tap on Event card. Select one or more events to monitor.

Event screen

Note: If you select Familiar Face or Unfamiliar Face event, you'll need to import photos of familiar faces. Go to Person screen, select "Add person" and import portrait photos of that person.

3. Install AiCam app on other iOS devices if you want to receive notifications of detected events or view live camera stream. New devices will show up in Device screen (it may take several minutes after first install to synchronize data from iCloud).

Note: You must use the same iCloud account for both camera device and viewer device

Device screen

4. Make sure monitoring mode is enabled (the shield icon in the Home screen is green). Then tap on the Camera card to start watching and recording events.

The symbols in the Camera screen have the following meanings:

  1. Dim screen brightness to save energy
  2. Start/stop running camera
  3. Start/stop streaming mode
  4. Change camera device
  5. Exit screen
  6. Show current camera device and battery state
  7. Visible if camera is recording and show recording duration
  8. Show enabled events for monitoring
Camera screen

5. To review event footage, open History screen. If iCloud is enabled, data will be synchronized across all devices. Otherwise, data stay in the same camera device. Events older than X days (configurable in the Setting screen) will automatically be deleted.

History screen

If you have problems with AiCam, we'll be available for support.