How secure is the video livestream?

How secure is the video livestream feature of AiCam?

The video livestream in AiCam is end-to-end encrypted on a direct peer-to-peer connection using WebRTC technology [1]. That means that the video stream never reaches our server (nor any server for that matter).

For users who prefer absolute no connection to the Internet at all, you can disable Internet streaming [2]. Then you can stream through your Wi-Fi network only.

  • How to do it:
    Go to AiCam > Settings > Streaming then enable Local Network Mode on both of your streaming and viewing device.
  • How it works:
    If you turn on this feature, the app will use the embedded server on-device for exchanging negotiation messages. The limitation is that both the streaming and viewing device must be on the same Wi-Fi network (or VPN) for this to work.
  • Note:
    This feature may also be helpful when both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network but have no internet connection.

[1] WebRTC is a technology developed by Google for real-time video chat. Products like Google Hangouts, Discord and many others use WebRTC under the hood. WebRTC allows direct peer-to-peer communication, and encryption is a mandatory feature of WebRTC. The video will be streamed directly from one device to the others. There is some limitation, though. Streaming may not work if the network connection of your device is limited (like in a corporate network or behind a firewall). You can test your connection as described here. When one device tries to connect to the other device, they need to exchange negotiation messages. The messages tell both devices how they should establish a peer-to-peer connection. Negotiation messages are encrypted on-device. Only devices in the same iCloud account listed in Device card in AiCam app can decrypt the negotiation messages. The server has only one task, to transmit the encrypted message from one device to the others. The server does not collect or store any data. You can learn more about WebRTC and how it works here.

[2] When you enable internet streaming, the video stream is only going through the internet if your devices are in different network. If both streaming and viewing devices are in the same Wi-Fi network, the video stream is transmitted through the Wi-Fi network. The video stream is always transmitted securely end-to-end, independent of which route it goes.